Travel Diary: Salvador, Brazil


In the beginning of March I flew to Salvador, which is located in northeast Brazil. Just like last year, I went there to visit my father. Unfortunately, time flies. However, I can say that I had such a great time. As we landed, we were advised to be cautious regarding displaying expensive electronic devices in some public areas. That is why I don't have many pictures from historical places.

I wish that I had gone there during winter. I would have loved to explore a lot more than I did. The heat was making the simple task of leaving my hotel room and walk to the mall, that was by the side of the hotel, almost impossible. But me being an eccentric human, had a bomber jacket on.

I love being able to stare at the sky and go through the clouds. I'm a very visual person, so the beautiful bright colors and architecture make me incredibly happy. How amazing are these airplane photos that I allegedly stole from my dad? I'm quite obsessed with the intensity of the colors.

The feeling of being in a really big city is fascinating. So many lives, so many stories. I get astonished every time that I travel. I'm really thankful for having the opportunity of going places that I have never imagined visiting.

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