Zara Sale Haul 2015


This is that moment of the year where my bank account balance goes negative. Jokes aside, I got some really good deals and amazing pieces.

Let's start with the accessories. I saw this dainty necklace and the cashier said it was from the last sale, hence why it was for about 5 dollars. I love how intricate it is, and the fact that it completely improves any look. Now, I'm obsessed with my new iPhone case. Like I said on Instagram, it's cooler than I'll ever be. Also, it is heavy and rubbery, so I know if I drop my phone, the screen probably won't shatter.

Can you tell I love shoes? I had spotted these two beauties awhile back, and now, finally I had a "reason" to purchase them. I'm really into pointed shoes, they are very elegant. The gold high heel has a type of snakeskin print to it, and they are such a statement piece.

This cutout boot is made out of suede. It's really versatile, because it's black and plain. The zipper part is black as well, which will match either gold or silver jewellery. The cutout on the heel makes it edgier and interesting.

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