Traveling, Christmas Gifts & Hello 2015


I'm back and I have tons of pictures to share. So, for Christmas I went to my grandma's house particularly to see my dad, and it was a blast!

I love airplanes, it's so relaxing for me. But what I really love, is being able to capture so many beautiful moments right from the sky. I'm really obsessed with clouds, you can see that on my twitter and I couldn't pick one of the pictures to post, so I went with both. My father is passionate for photography so I made him my personal paparazzi and we took many photos that I will share eventually, like the first one, third and fourth. The landscape pictures were taken with my iPhone 5, therefore the quality is not that impressive, but good nonetheless.

I was highly surprised by my Christmas gifts, they were all chosen by my dad without me even mentioning anything. I already reviewed the Dior 999 lipstick, and soon enough will be doing the same with the others.

I'm just really glad for being home, and able to go back with full force into my blog and YouTube. I hope this year 2015 will be amazing to everyone, and also that all your dreams come true.

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