5 Lipsticks You Need This Fall


5 Lipsticks You Need This Fall/Autumn and Winter
5 Lipsticks You Need This Fall/Autumn and Winter
You have no idea how happy I get every time I see one of these lip colors. Like I mentioned yesterday, on my 5 lipsticks you need this spring, I live in the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore I'm going through spring right now, however, I know a lot of you live in the Northern Hemisphere. So I wanted to share my favorites for both seasons. As you can see, this is not quite my five favorite lipsticks, because one of them is a palette that comes with four lip colors. So I decided to count this quad as one lipstick, if that makes any sense. I'm kind of cheating by calling this my top 5, but at least you guys have more options, right?!

  • MAC Dance With Me - Hands down, my absolute favorite red lipstick. It's such a beautiful shade and it makes my teeth appear more whiter.
  • Sigma Beauty Own It - If I'm feeling daring, this is the lipstick to wear. It's a glossy pigmented purple, that will keep your lips moisturized for a while.
  • MAC Sin - Is a burgundy lip color with a drying matte finish. But of course, not nearly as drying as a liquid lipstick. I love how it applies and stays on my lips.
  • MAC Antique Velvet - This deep brown matte lipstick looks gorgeous on any skintone. It is highly pigmented and it will last a long time.
  • Sleek Makeup Havana (Cookie) - Is the perfect 90's lip color. It's a light brown with a hint of mauve. Also, it's highly pigmented and long lasting.
  • Sleek Makeup Havana (Crème Brulee) - Is a dark brown with a red undertone. It's super pigmented and it stays on for many hours. It's soft and moisturizing.
  • Sleek Makeup Havana (Rum) - Is a beautiful burgundy and the most stunning dark gloss I've tried.
What are some of your favorite colors to wear during fall/autumn?

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  1. I'm going through spring too - I'm so glad it's warming up! Sin is one of my picks for fall - such a gorgeous matte burgundy! I really like the look of the Sleek lippies as well, I haven't tried many products from them.


    1. Really?! I miss the cold weather already! I have tried quite a few products from Sleek and so far I think they have an amazing quality considering how affordable they are!

  2. Love the selection, I love dark lipsticks no matter the season

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

    1. Same! I could totally wear a burgundy lipstick during summer. Thank you Nashia! xo



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